Frequently asked questions

What is the lead time?

2 -3​ weeks out. However, if it is not a custom order and we have your desired crate in stock, we will have it out for delivery day of or have it ready for pick up!

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to all over the West Ga/Atlanta area for a fee. However, if you want to come pick up your order, you may do so free of charge! Plus, we enjoy getting to meet with our customers!​

What if my dog chews their crate?

Having a crazy Great Dane as a puppy, WE GET IT. Dogs can be super destructive and make you feel like you can't have anything nice! We do offer a chew guard ($), but will need to know prior to starting your project. However, we do send our customers home with a little trick that has helped us and prior customers!

"I am getting a puppy, but he is going to grow to be big"!

Good News! We offer a puppy crate that will grow as they do! With our system, we place three removal dividers that fit to your new pups needs! Like I previously stated...we had a Great Dane puppy, WE GET IT!​

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