What to Look for in a Custom Dog Crate

Most U.S. retail stores sell wire crates for your furry friend. But the wire crate could resemble a prison to your pet. Custom, wooden dog crates are popular because they are a stylish way to give your pet his or her own space in your home. You can even buy custom dog crates to match your furniture! But how do you know if a custom crate is right for your canine friend? Here are tips on what to look for in a custom dog crate, and how to determine if it's right for your dog.

Tips for Buying a Custom Dog Crate

Perhaps you're excited about buying your dog their very own custom, wooden crate, but slow down! Buying a custom dog crate is different from the wire crate kind, so you want to consider the following tips:


Most pups like to look around them while in a crate while others are nervous. Some puppies want to move around while others like the security of a smaller space. Depending on if your dog is a jumper, you can choose between an open-top or closed-top design.


The main reason people go for a custom, wooden crate is to match their regular furniture. But ask yourself if the crate will match the other furniture and have a functional purpose in the home? At Georgia Crate Co., all of our crates are custom made and can be tailored to suit any purpose. We specialize in building custom crates to replace pieces of furniture in your home. For example, we have custom-built crates that replaced TV consoles, side tables, end tables, coffee tables, night stands, office desks, entryway benches, and more. If you can dream it, we can build it.


Most pet owners double custom, wooden crates as tables, which is a creative idea. But think about if it can stand up to your dog’s energy while providing a surface for your books and magazines.

Wood Material

Solid wood material typically lasts longer than fiberboard with wood veneer and is of better quality.

Now that you’ve thought about the above factors of buying a custom crate, now you have to think about how your dog will feel and adapt to the new addition. Custom, wooden crates are not made for every dog. Answer the following questions:

● Does my dog chew?

One of the reasons why pet owners buy a wooden crate is to enhance the look of their living space. But if your dog loves to chew and ends up chewing on the bars, the crate will not look attractive. At Georgia Crate Co., we have a Chew Guard package at an additional $150 on single crates and $250 on doubles. It lines the interior edges with 1/8th flat-bar steel, which prevents even the most destructive dogs from damaging the crates.

● Do I have a small or large dog?

Custom, wooden crates are often designed for smaller dogs, but it's not a requirement. At Georgia Crate Co., we make custom crates for dogs of almost any size. We're currently working on two new designs for crates for Great Danes, so our crates can be used on small dogs to even the largest breeds.

● Is my pup finished growing?

It is often recommended that pet owners wait until their puppy is fully grown before they buy a custom, wooden crate, but at Georgia Crate Co., we have a system that makes our crates perfect for puppy parents. We offer a Puppy Package that allows pet owners to purchase a crate at the time the new puppy arrives in their home. The Puppy Packages provides a three-stage divider that allows the puppy to grow with their crate. The design also features a hinged top for easy cleaning access. Be sure to let us know at the time of purchase if you would like this upgrade since it changes the way we construct the crate.

The Bottom Line

Custom, wooden dog crates are the new fashionable way for your dog to relish in its own space while serving a functional purpose in your home. But it’s not a guarantee that your dog will love the custom, wooden crate; that’s why you have to ask yourself honest questions about purchasing one. If you gave an accurate assessment of both the crate and your dog and you feel it’s the right choice, contact us to help you choose the right crate for your furry friend. We offer a variety of custom, wooden crates.

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