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Say hello to your new Night Stand/ End Table Dog Crate! This Custom Dog Crate is a fuctional piece of furniture that will replace your existing piece as well as the black wire crate that you keep saying is a eye sore sitting at the foot of your bed or corner of the living room. 

This crate comes standard with the door and 18” pull out drawer on the 24” wide side.

Georgia Crate Company’s main goal is to replace your existing black wire crate in your home with a functional piece of furniture that houses your pups yet seamlessly ties to your existing decor already in your home. You spent a lot of time, money, and effort into decorating your house, why bring a eye sore like the black wire crate inside when you have the choice of a Custom Dog Crate from Georgia Crate Company!

24W x 30L x 30H

Small Custom Night Stand Crate